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What this world needs is more people who care... who follow their dreams to help others... who tap into their gifts so that others may do the same... who sincerely encourage others to go after their greatest desires. What this world needs is more life coaches." 
                                          - David Essel, founder Life Coach Universe

As a Master Life Coach, David Essel's personal mission is to inspire individuals to effortlessly recognize their own unique gifts and to become more alive, successful and happy in every area of their lives. For the past 24 years, David Essel has helped thousands of people change their lives for the better.  And now David is training people just like you to do the very same thing. David is not only a Master Life Coach, specializing in Business, Relationship and Spirituality, he is also the author of 5 books, a TV and Radio Host, as well as an Adjunct Professor at Edison State College in Ft. Myers, Florida.

David's professional presentations on elite business leadership skills and the keys to creating dynamic and lasting success in any area of life have drawn rave reviews from corporations such as Chico's, Nestlé, and Boeing, media outlets such as FOX and Beasley Broadcasting, as well as non-profit organization such as the March of Dimes and Unity Church.

David's fourth book and CD program is entitled Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want (Hay House Publishing).

* Businessperson of the Year Award — The IDEA Association
* The Master of Motivation — American Fitness Magazine
* Highest Rated Speaker in the History of Our Convention — International Exhibitors Association
* Mr. Motivation — Lifetime Television Network

David is available for private life coaching sessions, lectures and workshops. You can learn more about David by visiting his website at www.DavidEssel.com.

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